Steel Guardrails of Normal Containment “BMS”; “BMD”

“VGH-960” Mobile Safety Barrier

Steel Guardrails of High Containment “BMS”; BMD”

Protections system for motorcyclists “PSM”

The Protection System for Motorcyclists “PSM” is a continuous system, installed on a safety barrier providing protection for motorcyclists to avoid collision against it, on one hand, the direct impact against the post (often fatal) and on the other hand, the rider’s body passing through the gap between two consecutive poles, which would leave him exposed to hazardous elements (obstacle, rocks, the road on the opposite side, etc…) that the barrier is protecting.

All Motorcyclist’s Protection Systems by Road Steel offer Level I of Severity according to both Spanish standard UNE 135900 and European TS EN 1317-8 (Level I is the minimum severity level – then the optimum – defined in this standard). Many of these systems also offer the highest level of protection of 70 km/h speed class.

“TRIONDA” Guardrails of High and Very High Containment

“PMH” Bridge vehicle parapets of High and Very High Containment

“BEAM” Mixed Steel-Wood Aesthetic Safety Barriers

“AIR” Redirective Crash Cushions

Redirective impact attenuators “AIR” are made entirely of galvanized steel and feature a compact design and completely open, that may be inspected ,at sight. They are easily and quickly repairable being reusable most of parts.

redirective crash cushions

redirective crash cushions