Passive safety lighting pole

Complies with the regulations

VersPole is tested and certified according to EN40 (wind loads) and EN12767, the results of the impact test (EN12767:2019) is 100-HE-C-R-NS-MD / 100-HE-C-S-NS-MD, which is the highest safety standard defined by EN12767:2019.

Standard lighting poles vs. VersPole

Conventional lighting poles hardly deform in case of impact due to their stiffness. His small cross-section and stiffness cause large deformations and accelerations on the impacting vehicle and serious injuries to the vehicle occupants.

VersPole Advantages

VersPole is designed to deform itself so that the vehicle gradually reduces its speed, reducing vehicle deformations and eliminating the significant acceleration and serious injuries suffered by vehicle occupants in this type of impact.

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