Who we are

Road Steel is the road safety division of Gonvarri Industries, a leading company in the transformation of flat steel and aluminum, with more than 60 years of experience.


Making Roadsides Safer

We develop vehicle restraint systems for roads in strict compliance with all standards.

Road Steel Engineering

Through Road Steel Engineering, a subdivision belonging to the company’s engineering area, we can offer safer and better performing systems and technical solutions.

The strength of a company

Gonvarri Industries has 45 factories in the flat steel and aluminium transformation sector, 20 distribution centres and offices in 19 countries, providing a complete service to meet the metal needs of our customers through four business units: Service Centres, Material Handling, Precision Tubes and Metal Structures.

We work to improve the relationship with our customers, offering the most innovative and sustainable metal solutions, the result of a highly collaborative organisation at a global level.

Gonvarri Industries in figures

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