What we do

Road Steel researches, develops, designs, manufactures, installs and commercializes road safety equipment products and engineering services.


Road Steel Engineering’s research and development enables Road Steel to offer systems, solutions and projects with the most modern analysis and experience.

To this end, we have a technical team of experts in the development of vehicle restraint systems, with the most modern means of analysis.

Manufacturing and assembly

Road Steel has the most modern means of production and surface treatment of steel, from the raw material to the finished product, with the highest quality controls. Road Steel’s capacity includes on-site installation of all its systems.


In the field of road safety equipment, we offer full guarantees for the performance, manufacture and installation of our systems, as evidenced by the relevant quality marks, technical approvals and certificates of conformity, as well as by our own declarations.

Deployment projects

Preparation of turnkey projects for the implementation of vehicle restraint systems based on the characteristics of the road and traffic, with identification of the associated roadside risk elements. 

Project engineering

Road Steel Engineering’s knowledge, experience, tools, and judgment are applied to solve specific problems and solve the implementation of products in the most special road conditions. 

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