May 21, 2022

Road Steel completes the supply of a bridge parapet in Perú

Road Steel has supplied to the company “Señalización Girod Suc Perú” a very high vehicular containment bridge parapet for the Bridge over the Nanay River, in Iquitos Peru. The project was executed by Puentes de Loreto Consortium, formed by the contractors Mota-Engil, COSAPI and INCOT SAC.

This parapet was chosen for this project, during the design phase, for its high performance against impact and for its geometric configuration.

In this construction and, particularly, for bridge parapet, BIM methodology has been used, which is the basis of the digital transformation in the engineering and construction sector.

This methodology is useful and interesting because it allows the parameters that define the performance of the system to be incorporated into the model and to interrelate and interconnect them with other structural elements.

The BIM modelling of the PMH-38 parapets of the firm Road Steel has been provided by Alejandro Palpan Flores from the company TSC Innovation.

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