October 20, 2022

Road Steel Engineering partners with Ascendi for a project in Portugal

Portuguese motorway concessionaire Ascendi partnered with Road Steel Engineering for the development of a new and innovative system of bridge barriers, with high containment, reduced deformation, and optimal protection for motorcyclists adapted to very particular existing conditions, where the presence of very high and not very resistant kerbs stood out.

Ascendi is investing 22 million euros in road safety with the objective of reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries by 50% by 2030 on more than 220 kilometres of its roads. The absence of certified vehicle restraint solutions that were specific to meet the requirements in certain situations on its network.

The ANSR – Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária de Portugal, during the conference held on 13 October in Ílhavo, highlighted the work of Ascendi as a good example of contribution in the development and application of technical knowledge to reduce the number of victims.

Road Steel reaffirms with this project as one of the largest developers of engineering solutions and innovation for the road sector.

Roadsteel’s commitment to road safety reaches the whole of society thanks to Emotional Driving.

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