Homologated SmartRail of Road Steel in Uruguay
January 29, 2024

Road Steel close a significant supply in Uruguay

From Road Steel, we have closed a significant supply in Uruguay divided into two locations:

  1. Access to Montevideo: We supplied our Smart Rail, CPS10 H2 1.33, and BMS2PLSH1. These systems offer very high containment with CE marking, ensuring that the marketed product meets the quality and safety standards set by current regulations.
  2. Interbalnearia: We covered the safety of one of the country’s most heavily traveled National Routes with the aforementioned products, adding our URPEBA pedestrian railing capable of containing vehicles according to the European Standard UNE EN 1317-2.

Our products are homologated according to the road safety specifications of the countries we supply, adapting them to the specific needs of each road to provide maximum safety.

This installation was carried out thanks to the collaboration of Bordonix, the company responsible for signaling and installing our products.

For more information about our products and the various certifications available, please refer to our catalog.

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