January 16, 2024

Road Steel participates with the supply of an important Project in Spain

Road Steel participates with the supply and installation of its BMS and parapets in the A-33 YECLA-CAUDETE highway project, notable for using a new continuous reinforced concrete paving technique: the ‘fresh on fresh’ bilayer (19 cm + 5 centimeters).

We have placed 45,000 meters of barrier, our parapet (PMH-13, PMH-16 and PMH-38), 11 median crossings with our VGH-960 system and 2 AIR-H110P crash cushions.

The work represents a saving in travel time of 25 minutes and consequently a reduction in the carbon footprint of approximately 13,000 tons of CO2 per year, for following our commitment to the environment.

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