April 2, 2020

#Thanks Truck Drivers, Emotional Driving’s “no” road safety campaign for Easter

• Emotional Driving, Gonvarri Industries’ road safety program, presents a new campaign in recognition for truck drivers’ substantive work in this Covid 19 crisis.

• Unlike earlier years by these dates, Emotional Driving is not lunching its usual raising-awareness road safety campaign on the occasion of Easter car journeys.

• Truck drivers are an essential part of Gonvarri’s value chain. Thus, it recognizes their work during the year and specially during these difficult days.


Madrid, 3 April, 2020.- This Easter Emotional Driving presents a totally new campaign in its five years-history raising awareness among society in the field of road safety. On this occasion, through https://www.emotionaldriving.com/en/thanks-truck-drivers/ and with #Thanks Truck Drivers hashtag, Emotional Driving presents a campaign in recognition for the substantive work truck drivers keep undertaking, driving through are roads in spite of these difficult moments we are living.

#Thanks Truck Drivers shows our gratitude for their courage and generosity to continue working and keep supplying supermarkets with food and drugstores with medicines. In other words, for supplying goods of basic necessity.

Truck drivers are an essential part of Gonvarri’s value chain. Our company is firmly committed to truck drivers’ road safety during the whole year and, with regard to Covid 19, even more.

Since 2015, coinciding with the great number of car journeys (Easter, Christmas and summer), Emotional Driving launces raising-awareness campaigns aiming to transmit positive and emotional messages to motivate society to drive safely and with responsibility.

It would not make any sense to recommend drivers to drive safely in this period of the year due to the health Covid 19 crisis. for such purpose, we show our gratitude and promise we will keep on sensitizing in road safety once we are driving our cars again.

In 2020, Emotional Driving is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Five years on the road, sensitizing employees, children and youngster all around Spain in the field of road safety. In other words, sensitizing society as a whole.


About Gonvarri and Emotional Driving

Emotional Driving, Gonvarri’s road safety program created in 2014, aims to sensitize society as a whole to drive safely and with responsibility.

Gonvarri Industries has 45 factories in 19 countries, supplying metal solutions for auto and road safety industries.

For further information https://www.emotionaldriving.com/en/thanks-truck-drivers/.

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